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“Satellite, Headlines Read . . .”

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Science and technology are wonderful things! Just think of cell phones, light bulbs, and planes. Speaking of planes, did you hear about the Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite that fell in the pacific ocean this past Saturday? Luckily, no one got hurt. But if parts of it fell on a home or an auto, is there coverage? You might want to check your insurance policies. It may not be a satellite that falls on your home or auto. It may be a tree! If your home policy covers “Falling Objects” you are likely covered. If you rejected comprehensive coverage, then your car won’t be. If you’re not our client, and don’t have an expert to ask, you are welcome to give us a call (512.257.8000). We will be happy to help you ask your company the right questions.

Enjoy Dave Matthew’s “Satellite” video!

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Closing Your Business?

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We hope you are not one of the many businesses seriously impacted by the current economy. But, if you are, take a moment to learn more about the possible risk of cancelling your insurance.

Shutting Down Your Insurance – Commercial Liability Insurance

“I’m closing down my business. Will I need to continue any kind of insurance coverage to protect myself and my employees from future lawsuits?”

That’s an excellent question and we applaud your concern for yourself, your family and your employees.

Businesses that make or build or fix things have a continuing need for special liability insurance coverage even after the business shuts down. This coverage is called “discontinued products and completed operations liability” and it protects you and your employees against lawsuits arising out of injury or damage caused by the products you made or the work you completed while you were in business.

But wait! You purchased commercial general liability insurance for years – including products and completed operations liability –while you were making or building or fixing things. If something happens after you shut down, why won’t the policy that was in effect when the product was made or the work was done cover the resulting injury or damage?

The CGL policy does not cover bodily injury and property damage unless the injury or damage occurs while the policy is in effect. It doesn’t matter when you manufactured the product or completed the work. The only thing that matters is when someone is injured or some property is damaged because of your product or your work. A liability insurance policy must be in force when that happens.

If you are closing your business, ask your insurance agent about the availability and cost of “discontinued products and completed operations liability insurance.” There are laws – called “statutes of repose” – that dictate how long you may be legally liable for injury or damage caused by your work or products, and thus how long you may need to carry such insurance.

If you operated your business as a corporation or some other form of limited-liability entity, you may want to ask your attorney about whether you or your employees can be sued personally for accidents caused by your work or products after the business shuts down and the entity is dissolved.

****This article was prepared and made available to your agent by the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas, which is solely responsible for its content. Please read your insurance policy. If there is any conflict between the information in this article and the actual terms and conditions of your policy, the terms and conditions of your policy will apply. The Independent Insurance Agents of Texas is a non-profit association of more than 1,800 insurance agencies in Texas, dedicated to helping its members succeed, in part by providing technical resources that explain insurance policies sold to their customers.

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Tax Credits and Group Health Insurance

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Are you a small business owner in Austin, Texas, or the greater Austin area, who would like to offer benefits to your employees, but think you can’t afford to do so? We can help you by providing free small group health insurance quotes with five of the largest health insurance providers in the nation. We can also help you calculate your possible tax savings, through the government credits that are currently being offered. We are licensed in the State of Texas and provide: commercial, life and health (for both individuals and groups), home and auto insurance. Contact us today!

*Note: we are not tax advisors, nor do we provide tax services. All information provided will be illustrative. Tax professionals should be consulted to determine actual eligibility for and amount of any applicable credits.

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Wildfire Safety & Support

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If you are on the edge of your seat because of the wildfires raging across Central Texas, you are not alone. The impact is staggering and heartbreaking. We encourage anyone who has not been displaced to get involved, in whatever way(s) you are able. We have listed below a few of the organizations accepting donations and with active ongoing support activities, along with information for individuals affected by the fires. We also want to share some wildfire safety information with you. For a comprehensive guide, including helpful checklists, click here.

For those affected:
Victim Hotline (ADRN): 512.331.2600
Shelter Space (Oasis Church): 512.775.8277
Bastrop Fire Information Line (CenTex Red Cross): 512.332.8814 OR 512.332.8856
Pedernales One Fire (CenTex Red Cross): 512.753.2180
Central Texas Red Cross

For those wishing to help:
Austin Disaster Relief Network
American Red Cross of Central Texas
Hill Country Bible Church NW
Austin Christian Fellowship

Donation Items Needed:
NEW Socks/Underwear (children, men and women)
Coloring Books and Children’s Games
NEW Stuffed Animals
Packaged Snacks (peanut butter crackers, trail mix, etc.)
Bottled Gatorade and Water
Nasal Spray, Eye Drops, and Hand Wipes (for rescue personnel)

Stay safe everyone!

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